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Kapha Ayurvedic Tea

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Kapha Ayurvedic Tea:- Spicy and revitalizing herbs like cinnamon and cloves blended with green tea and Black Pepper give you the boost to stay bright and full of zest all day long! Black pepper is a digestive and nervine tonic. Good remedy for digestive disorders it has a stimulating effect on the digestive organs and a relieving one in flatulence. Useful in treating cough due to throat irritation, it also relieves gums inflammation.


Green Tea Leaves, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel, Ginger

Brew Guide

  • Prepare 180ml Water

  • Boil: 90°C to 95°C

  • Add Tea: 2.5gm / 1Tsp

  • Condiments: Lemon/Honey

  • Brew for 3 - 4 Min Serve: Hot

Additional Info

  • Recommended:  With Water

  • Aroma: Sweet and Spicy

  • Caffeine: Medium

  • Serving: Hot


  • Lowers cancer risk
  • Helps in Heart Problems
  • Helps in Liver Diseases
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